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5.1 Plan for advocacy using the Budget Advocacy Toolkit for epidemic preparedness

The results of 7-1-7 assessments or the Synthesis Report can help surface investment priorities from the planning and prioritization exercises conducted in Step 4, and identify whether they lend themselves to being addressed through advocacy.

A landscape analysis can then prove useful to assess the country-specific context, understand the needed changes to be pursued (policy, budget or program), support the translation of investment priorities into specific objectives (e.g., increased domestic funding for national priorities identified by 7-1-7 for the next budget cycle), and serve as a basis for the development of a targeted advocacy strategy.

Assessment of the political landscape and budget process can allow for the development of more targeted approaches to ensure that plans developed in Step 4 are integrated into the budget planning process. The necessary tools for conducting a landscape analysis, including budget cycle mapping, political landscape, and stakeholder mapping, are provided in the Budget Advocacy Toolkit.

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