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3.1: Convene stakeholders to review 7-1-7 performance

An essential component of 7-1-7 implementation is deciding on an approach for convening key stakeholders to review performance against the 7-1-7 metric and discuss remedial actions for future improvement. While a real-time review of events is ideal to enable immediate improvements, different approaches can be used to convene stakeholders, as described below:

Venue Setting Description
Response meeting Emergency Operations Center, National Task Force or Incident Management System meetings Rapid review of 7-1-7 performance for an ongoing public health threat in a meeting dedicated to coordinating the response against that health threat
Routine review meeting Existing epidemiology or outbreak review meetings held weekly or monthly Review of 7-1-7 performance for recent public health threats are incorporated into routinely held meetings that convene key stakeholders
Multi-event review meeting Quarterly or annual meeting organized specifically to review 7-1-7 performance A half- or full-day meeting dedicated to reviewing 7-1-7 performance for multiple recent public health threats
After Action Reviews AAR workshop In-depth analysis of individual or multiple events in which the 7-1-7 target can be used as a performance benchmark to focus on critical areas for strengthening

Convening stakeholders to review 7-1-7 performance in Nigeria

Nigeria is implementing the 7-1-7 approach through its national public health institute, the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (NCDC). To ensure effective 7-1-7 implementation, a monthly National Surveillance and Outbreak Review Meeting (NaSORM) was reactivated to track timeliness of outbreak detection, notification and response against the 7-1-7 target and as a venue where stakeholders may discuss remedial actions to improve future systems performance.

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